Clean Jobs Midwest

Client: Clean Energy Trust
Jon Linton, DJ Catrow

Clean Jobs Midwest is an annual survey of clean energy employment in 12 Midwestern states, conducted by Clean Energy Trust and partners Environmental Entrepreneurs and BW Research. The results from the survey are presented on an interactive website and downloadable reports. Studio 424 was hired for the second time in 2017 to design the website.

The website was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate for the average user. By offering users different ways to look at data and presenting the data visually, information could be more easily understood, digestible, and engaging. The new brief was to update the site with new data as well as improve on the design without executing a total revamp. I worked to refine the visual details like typography and created icons to better organize the different pages and tools.

Learning from feedback on the previous year’s site, I redesigned the presentation and interaction of data, in particular the tree charts and Compare page. I worked closely with the developer to produce iterations for quick testing before finalizing the designs.

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